Skill is the unified force of Experience and Discipline

High quality action sequences demand trained performers who are well versed and disciplined in the technical aspects pertaining to stunt work. Stunteam specialises in the most vital aspect of training for any working stunt performer, fight choreography for screen, understanding camera angles, reactions, combat techniques, on-screen performance, hand to hand weapons training and sword fighting.

Stunteam’s unique dynamic movement training program, is like no other. Using a combination of Ginastica, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing and Silat techniques, they have developed a training program that gives the stunt performer the core strength, awareness and agility to perform at the highest level.

Stunteam offers customised fight choreography seminars and stunt training for both seasoned performers wishing to improve their skill set as well as film students who are on the fringe of access to the industry. Stunteam envisions growing and expanding the industry within South Africa by preserving the art form of fight choreography and performance, improving safety standards on set and maintaining the culture of discipline and excellence at both foundation and experienced levels.

Stunteam directors Grant Powell and Vernon Willemse have a combined 24 years of experience working in the film industry, both in their individual capacity hold an impressive body of work as fight choreographers. As young dynamic veterans, these highly respected fight choreographers and stunt performers have been involved in numerous big budget film and TV productions both locally and internationally. These include Scorpion King 4, Death Race 3 – Inferno, Homeland, Dominion, Blacksails, Dread, Zulu, Mad Max, Kite and others. Showcasing their specialised training and varied skill sets, they have built their career working with leading stunt companies, Pyranha Stunts, Stunt Network, Stunt SA, Big Bang and Stunt Company.


Vernon Willemse

Co-Founder / Director

Vernon Willemse, co-founder and director of Stunteam, was born in Macassar, Cape Town, and raised in Eerste River on the Cape Flats. In 1998, Willemse joined the circus, and began his career at Ratanga Junction Theme Park in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the next four years, he was trained and employed as a permanent stunt and circus performer doing live stunt shows, and skilled aerobatics, including, trampoline, purch, puppetry and movement. Willemse then departed South Africa for the USA to work as a trapeze artist for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus act ‘Survivors”. His passion and attention to detail afforded him the opportunity to become the head flyer for the troupe.

Upon his return to South Africa, he was employed as a professional stunt performer in the film ‘Lord of War’ starring Nicolas Cage. Willemse also studied drama at New Africa Theatre Academy, aiding his understanding of the demanding skill set actors require to execute script, live performance and stunt work.  He went on to do various films as a stunt performer, coaching new stunt performers for various roles throughout his career.

Willemse’s physical background, combined with his teaching and leadership skills, and love for martial arts, developed a unique character and style advancing his career and reputation as a young dynamic veteran within the South African Film and Stunt Industry. Willemse’s experience spans over 12 years both locally and internationally and has built a close rapport with leading stunt companies Stunt Network, Stunt SA, Pyranha Stunts, Big Bang and Stunt Company. His fight choreography credits include Dominion (Season 1), Northmen – A Viking Saga, American Odyssey, Kite, Seal Team 8 – Behind Enemy Lines, Of Kings and Prophets, , Death Race 3 – Inferno, the award winning Viva Riva and local production Noem My Skollie.


Grant Powell

Co-Founder / Director

Grant Powell, co-founder and director of Stunteam, was born in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. Facing the challenges and adversities of growing up on the Cape Flats, Powell had dreams of pursuing a career on stage and screen. In 1998, he auditioned at the Ratanga Junction Theme Park, in Cape Town, South Africa where his life would change forever. The next four years saw Grant meticulously train as a performer in puppetry, dance, movement, acting and stunts.

In 2002, Powell was discovered by a local stunt company to stunt double an actor for the film “Der Kranichmann”, propelling his career as a professional stunt man. During this time, Powell continued to work as an actor, his mainstream theatre credits include, the cult show “Angels Everywhere” and award winning show “Shirley, Goodness and Mercy”. His love for stunts combined with his stage and acting experience is what sets him apart. Powell focused his efforts and passion in fight choreography and developed his skills through studying various martial arts including Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu and Krav Maga.

Through the years, he grew from strength to strength working as an assistant fight choreographer, to becoming a premier fight choreographer in the South African Film Industry. His understanding and fusion of disciplines developed the perfect relationship between acting and stunt co-ordination, aiding effective stunt delivery by actors and stunt performers alike. Powell has garnered a great repertoire and respect by training many of the top stunt performers within the industry to date.

Powell’s experience spans over 12 years both locally and internationally, building a strong foundation within the South African Film and Stunt Industry with leading stunt companies Stunt Network, Pyranha Stunts, Stunt SA, Big Bang and Stunt Company. Powell is known for choreographing fight scenes for hit TV series and movies including, Strikeback Vengeance, Dominion (Season 1), Black Sails, Of Kings and Prophets, Grimsby, Zulu, The Last Face, Scorpion King 4, Death Race 3 and Commando.