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321 Action!

Stunteam is an experienced, professional Action Design company specialising in fight choreography, coordination and stunt training services.
Our skilled, passionate performers and instructors, have worked with leading stunt companies, actors and academic institutions, providing expert technical, choreography and discipline training within the film and television industry, both locally and internationally.

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Stunteam specialises in the most vital aspect of training for any working stunt performer, fight choreography for screen, understanding camera angles, reactions, combat techniques, on-screen performance, hand to hand weapons training and sword fighting.


Stunteam’s unique dynamic movement training program, is like no other. Using a combination of Ginastica, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing and Silat techniques, they have developed a training program that gives the stunt performer the core strength, awareness and agility to perform at the highest level.


Stunteam offers customised fight choreography seminars and stunt training for both seasoned performers wishing to improve their skill set as well as film students who are on the fringe of access to the industry.


Movie Feature Credits

Vernon and Grant have proved themselves worthy of the title fight coordinators. I have worked on many projects with them over the past 10 years and watched them grow into formidable performers and now a strong, dedicated and focused stunt team. Their commitment to any project is par none and having them with you on a project adds and international flavour that is comparable with the best. Watch this space, because I believe they’ve only just begun…

Mo Marais | Stunt Network

I as a Stunt Coordinator have learned that you are “only as good as the people you employ” and in my opinion they are the best. These guys have earned the utmost respect from everybody locally and abroad! I will gladly put my name behind them and help and support them!

John Smith | Stunt SA & Independent Stunt Coordinator

I have known and worked with Grant and Vernon for almost 15 years at the time of writing this. In that time 3-2-1 ACTION! has become synonymous with their names. One way or another they have bearing on what takes place after action is called on set be it through performer training, rehearsals, teaching, developing skill and choreographing action or performing personally for camera. Safely.

Mick Milligan | Independent Stunt Coordinator

Pyranha Stunts CC has made use of Grant Powell and Vernon Willemse’ s services and skill for the past 10 years in the stunt industry. Their skill, dedication, professionalism and experience are and will continue to be a major asset to the stunt industry.

Franz Spilhaus | Pyranha Stunts